Journey To Recovery

To be diagnose with having a mental illness can be overwhelming not only to the person who’s been diagnosed rainbowbut to their family and friends.  Many can feel ashamed and alone because they don’t want to share this kind of news.   However, sometimes it can be very helpful to see how others have dealt with this kind of news.  After all it can be a scary thing.

So I ask respectfully, ………does anyone have any stories to share with us?

We’d love to hear about them and post them up on our blog.   By sharing personal stories about living with a mental illness we can increase awareness in our community and reduce the stigma and discrimination.
Besides not only can we learn from each other but writing about it can help you too.

You do not have to give you’re name but if you did that would be great because we can use the information to help others.  This kind of information can very well be our own journey to recovery for us all.

Got a story to share?  Please email us at:

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