Goodbye For Now, Lacy Legen

Sometimes its better to say “See You Soon” rather then goodbye to those who leave us because we know in our hearts we’ll see them again

Tom & Lacy Legan
Tom & Lacy Legan

Today was Lacy Legan last day at LaPaz.

 Lacy was our Clinical Director and although we will miss her dearly she’s headed towards a bright adventures future finishing out her degree.  We want to take this opportunity to thank her for all she did while working at LaPaz.  Her spirit and good nature, and her genuine way of dealing with our clients will always be remembered.

We wish her much luck and love in her new bright new future that is soon to follow.

Incidentally, her husband Tom Legan whom is standing next to her is also a part of our team.  Tom is one of LaPaz’s community liaisons personnel on staff.

How lucky can we get?

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