Mind over Mood?

Living with bipolar disorder can feel as if your spirit has been broken, ripping away your self-confidence. At times it feels as if it drastically destroys your life. It effect’s everything from your self-esteem to your own insanity. You may even begin to start questioning who you are and where your life is headed. You may feel as if you’re frequently making the same mistakes over and over again. You’re constantly trying to make the right decisions in order to improve your living situation only to soon find out your choices were wrong again. You might even begin to accuse others they are misguiding you because you can’t seem to get it right. You take two steps forward and 3 steps back. That’s what it feels like if you or someone you love has bipolar.

Many people try their best to be persistent in managing their disorder by repeating to themselves “I can do this, I can hang in there,…. if only until tomorrow”. Though trying to continually reevaluate their own situation, organizing their own priorities even on a good day can seem impossible when usually the main goal is simply getting out of bed.
In any case it’s a challenge for anyone who lives in it or in this kind of zone.

If you or anyone close to you is dealing with a situation like this based on any of these experiences, the good news is, there are environments with people that are trained to help.

La Paz CMHC services is located in our downtown city ”San Antonio”, along with friends and family can provide an essential element: “encouragement”.

Get on the road to recovery and stop letting a disorder like bipolar define you. Move past the shame and get help. LaPaz CMHC can help you or your loved one have a better tomorrow.

LaPaz2015Embrace 2015

Get the help you need and look towards a better future.

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