Depression, Space & Resilience

Depression requires a good deal of self-care and creating a healthy space is a great place to start.

your spaceStudies have shown that any person who creates their own space, is actually creating a nurturing place that helps revitalize your body, mind and soul. It’s important to pick a space with natural light, open the shades and let the sunshine in. Likewise evidence proves that a scent can minimize stress, improving your sleep and boosting your immunity.

Try lemon and lavender, as they are best known to improve depression. In fact any kind of essential oils to candles and scented soaps can improve your atmosphere. If you’re sensitive to fragrance, then simply dilute with a little water or buy flowers or even dried fruit in its place.

Try to de-clutter parts of your home a little each time you’re in your own special place and perhaps even play a little soft music as it might help you relax.

Each time you’re in your own creative healthy environment it allows your body and mind to minimize your depression. Instead of avoiding struggles, you’ll learn from them by trusting your own instincts and abilities because they are uniquely yours.

Should you experience a setback, get to a quiet place and summon the actual feelings you’ve learned when you’re in your own space and try seeking someone who is close to you to help you get back to that point of ease. Then when things are better go back to what might of set you off because it’s important to know what your triggers are to prevent future setbacks. Once you’ve pinpointed your triggers, express them to others so your boundaries are honored.

People do not have resilience, its learned. Having the ability to bounce back from set backs over comes future problems that might arise.

Start with creating your own space and begin to learn what you need and don’t need in order to build up your own resilience. It will help you move forward in what might be seem to be your darkest hours.

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