The New MNT iPhone App Is Now Available

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 6.19.39 PM
Did you know that you can now read the latest medical news topics on an iPhone app?

Well you can.  🙂

The new MNT (Medical News Today) app can now be easily downloaded to your iPhone and best of all, you can read your favorite articles anywhere at any time you wish as the app will save them for you after you’ve selected them.


With over 130 medical health categories, its no wonder just about everyone can benefit from such an app.


It’s easy to use and with their medical news search you’ll find just about anything you need at your fingertips.

Soon you’ll be able to rate new articles as well as leave your own comments to any article that you might fancy as it will include a discussion board .

Medical News Today has been a major source of medical and health news since 2003.   MNT provides healthcare professionals, health caregivers and patients with the most recent updated news that someone might be inquiring about.  latest

Try it and share your thoughts with us.  Lets us know if you have found this app to be helpful.

Use it to see what the latest Headlines are and more.  Then share the latest info., directly on your Facebook page, Twitter, and other social networks you might be on.

Sharing is caring and that’s what we do here at LaPaz.






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